About our Firm

Our Mission

To honorably provide comprehensive legal representation in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York with compassion and dignity for our clients while preserving and promoting integrity in the rule of law.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide empathetic, thorough, and complete representation at all proceedings, gather and review all information timely and thoroughly present the client with the most ethically viable courses of action to mitigate expenses and meet the clients' goals.

Our Story

Our firm was created by Andres Gil following his third overseas combat deployment with the United States Army Reserve.  Andres has served as an Assistant District Attorney in both Bronx and Putnam Counties throughout his career.  In the military he has served in hostile areas in Iraq, Afghanistan, and East Africa.  He decided to establish this law practice to advocate for others.

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Serving overseas in Nations where the rule of law is not applied equally makes us thankful for the rights we hold under the Constitution.  Seeing people treated unfairly in our own Nation shocks the conscience.  It is extremely important to us that we represent our clients with Compassion and Dignity and preserve Honor and Integrity in the practice of law.  As residents of the Lower Hudson Valley and particularly the Town of Southeast, it is important to assist others with their legal needs and advocate on their behalf ensuring the fair application of the law.

Our Core Values


Honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the rule of law ensuring our inalienable rights as human beings are never infringed.

When you walk into any courthouse throughout America you will see our Nation's Flag, a State Flag and the words "In God We Trust."  You can be confident that the rule of law will prevail in the preservation of our Constitutional and equality in the application of law because of the sacrifice so many have made.  We honor their memory and sacrifice by displaying the utmost respect for the equal application of the law in the ethical representation of our clients and their interests.


Do what is right, legally and morally especially when no one is looking.

Integrity is at the heart of our legal system.  It ensures a trust that citizens can have assurance in the fair administration of law providing predictability in outcomes and avenues to address grievances peacefully.  Predictability in the outcome provides individuals and business with the ability to plan for the future and seek economic growth and prosperity.  We will foster adherence to a superior level of integrity ensuring our moral compass guides us to a fair resolution of grievances in favor of our clients.


Be patient, kind, and understanding of our clients' needs and desires.

We passionately represent our clients and leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a fair and just outcome.  Being a firm founded by a Service Connected Disabled Combat Veteran, we have a unique understanding of our clients' needs.  We foster a compassionate environment seeking justice and fairness in the application of law further supporting reliability in our legal system.  We take the time to listen to our clients and use our experience to develop the best course of action to achieve the results our clients desire.


Value and respect every client.  Handle their matters ethically and with passion for the law.

We represent every client passionately and with dignity.  We respect that everyone seeks a lawyer's services for various reasons.  We value our clients' opinions and will identify the best courses of action to pursue that meet your goals.  Our passion for the rule of law requires strict adherence to ethical standards.  Our knowledge of the law and compassion for our clients allows us to develop the best courses of action to pursue on behalf of our clients that exceed ethical standards.

Next Steps...

Let us put our experience and passion for the law to work for you!  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal needs and goals.  We offer evening appointments flexible around your work schedule and take payment by credit card, cash and/or check.

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